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MacDiarmid Precision Machining News
  • MacD is proud to announce its expanded Assembly Capabilities in 2020 - MacDiarmid Machine (MacD) is a Precision Machine & Assembly Shop providing high quality, cost effective and supply chain solutions for our customers. Bring us your Ideas and we will make them a Reality.  -  Read Story

  • MacD invests in its Machinist Technology Training - MacDiarmid Precision Manufacturing (MacD) is pleased to announce in addition to its new machine purchases and machine enhancements in 2019 and 2020 it has successfully trained all its CNC Machinists to program in a CAD-CAM System. MacD is committed to deliver learning and development solutions to its manufacturing workforce with the assistance of our Regional Vocational Technical High School, Mastercam and CAMWorks Solution Partners. With the support of our Partners and senior members of our manufacturing team we now have seven full time machinist / programmers. This program encouraged employees from different departments to engage in Team Building, awareness and understanding of each other’s role.  -  Read Story


  • MacD New Equipment Enhancements 2020  -   In addition to the new Haas 5-Axis Mills purchased in 2019 MacDiarmid  (MacD) has also added Wireless Intuitive Probing Systems (WIPS) and High-Speed Machining (HSM) to five of its Haas VF-2 and VF-4 Milling Machines. The Wireless Intuitive Probing System Option revolutionized the way we ran our Mills and assisted in every aspect of job setup and operation. The High-Speed Machining Option lets our Mills cut at maximum feed rate, while slowing just enough, to make sure complex part geometry is maintained. MacD has always believed that quality starts at the machine and its operators.  These additions will add value throughout the entire machining process.  MacD’ s constant dedication to excellence and improvement shows our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality parts at a competitive price.


  • December 20, 2019 MacD is proud to announce its second new equipment purchase in 2019. MacDiarmid Precision Machining (MacD) in its continuous pursuit of excellence and improvement has purchased our second new Haas VF-2SS Mills with TRT160 Trunnion incorporating innovative work holding vises and fixtures making these machines fully 5 Axis. These new additions will not only expand capacity, but also expand capabilities.  These new CNC Milling Machines will open possibilities to machine complex parts as well as save on setup times during the machining processes which will increase efficiency and overall throughput on parts. 

  • On April 27,  2019 the state awards a workforce grant to MacDiarmid Precision Machining.  -  Read Story

  • In February 2019 MacDiarmid Machine continues to expand its capabilities to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients by installing a new Hass VF-2SS with 5-Axis Capabilities to our existing wide variety of CNC machining equipment.

  • MacDiarmid (MacD) in January 2019 has been asked to join a strategic team of manufacturers to supply key components and support to a leading medical device company who is dedicated to innovation, technology, services and solutions.

  • MacDiarmid Machine (MacD) in January 2019 submitted an Application with the Massachusetts Training Fund for a Grant to obtain Aerospace AS 9100D and Medical ISO 13485 Certification. The objective of the Grant is to prepare MacD’ s employees, processes, and documentation for certification to both standards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        MacD is currently ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered, REACH and RoHs Compliant


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MacDiarmid Precision Machining
MacDiarmid Precision Machining
MacDiarmid Precision Machining
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