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Quality Policy 

At MacDiarmid Precision Machining, our culture of continual improvement empowers us to meet the requirements of our customers and enhance their satisfaction. We achieve these goals through the dedication of our leadership, development of our employees, and the continual improvement of our quality management system. 

What we offer for quality control
  • Internal Bore Micrometers up to 4” diameter

  • 24 x 36 Precision Granite Surface Plate Grade B inspected

  • All Standard Micrometers – calibrated

  • Starrett Gauge Blocks – complete set – (.05 – 4)

  • Surface Plate 24” x 36”

  • Mitutoyo 18” Height Gauge

  • B&S 24” Height Gauge

  • 12” Height Master

  • Gauge Blocks

  • Gauge Pins

  • Dial Indicators

  • 16” Dorsey Optical Comparator

  • 24” Starrett Electronic Height Gauge

  • Fowler Trimos V4

  • CMM and other capabilities available from our affiliate Potentia Companies

MacDiarmid Precision Machining is ISO9001:2015 certified with TUV Rheinland of North America.  MacDiarmid is also ITAR registered and only produces RoHS and REACH compliant products.


Quality Manual

The Quality Manual is intended as a guide to the major aspects of the Quality Management System (QMS) utilized at MacDiarmid Machine.  For a copy call us at 978-465-3546 or email us at and we will be happy to email you a copy.


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